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Within the next five years Indonesia will require at least 35,000 Mega Watts of additional power and electricity. The nature of energy-sufficiency is considered a driving force for socio-economic expansion for both industry and investment, unemployment rates and job creation, and to other domestic economic factors. Over 650,000 direct and 3 million indirect workers would benefit from such an increase in power supply. And the uptake of domestic components could reach 40%, equivalent to 440 trillion Rupiah. (Akset, 5 May 2015)

On May 4th 2015 President Joko Widodo along with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said,launched a 35,000 MW Power Plant Construction Program, making it their chief initiative in respose to concerns over the country’s current energy shortage and future capacities. “We are very commited toward good functioning power plants,” President Joko Widodo exclaimed in Yogyakarta on 15 June 2015 at the inauguration of the 35,000 MW project. It will raise the economic condition significantly for Indonesia, he added. Budi Santoso, Head of PERHAPI (Association of Indonesian Mining Professionals), explains that this program will mostly rely on coal-fired power plantsor PLTUs, and will require approximately 150 million metric tons [of coal] per year, equivalent to half of the country’s coal exports. (

East Kalimantan, Balikpapan City and its annual Balikpapan Expo Mining, Oil and Gas Tradeshow and Exhibition shall be at the forefront of this era in Mining Resurgence, and maintaining its position as the central gateway for business and trade in the region. Be prepared and adequately-geared for this upcoming revitalisation and stay one step ahead of your competitors by participating in The 12th Balikpapan Expo 2016.

Held on 11 – 13 August 2016 at Borneo Festival Centre @ New Manggar Beach, The 12th Balikpapan Expo 2016 offers a large exhibition area to accomodate and host an International-standard Expo, providing a variety of outdoor and indoor quality space for light and heavy product displays. With an ample parking area, this fully integrated facility is equipped with the latest features in exhibition services, a comfortable and professional experience for all participants involved.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet directly with your buyers, raise target sales, and brand exposure, expand your network and client base in both business and government circles. Almost 100% of 2015’s Exhibitors and Sponsors have confirmed participation in 2016, some with double space bookings*. You too can enjoy the rewards and reap the benefits that our past exhibitors have gained.

Featuring a Singapore and Australian Pavilion, only at The 12th Balikpapan Expo 2016

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